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Stephen Kearns ( born on January 18th 1993) stage name Golden, is a Canadian hip-hop artist from Kelowna, B.C.

Golden is known from his flow pattern change up and rhyme scheme, too his energy and raw emotion on the stage and songs alike. Born and raised in the Salmon Arm area living with his mother Golden had many father figures in his time. Golden’s mother married a man that throughout their marriage influenced him heavily in hip-hop.

Ever since hearing Eminem when he was young he wanted to be a rapper. Golden’s step dad had burnt c.d.’s lying around the house full of hip hop, loving it more than anything he dreamed to one day reach that level. Swollen Members were a heavy influence in his younger days along with Eminem and Crazy Town. Living in the country he had his bike and his c.d. player, no T.V. no internet.

He learned to listen to the music past the song and into the creation of it, spending time writing, practicing, learning and repeating. Constantly writing too beats in his middle school days and freestyling at parties he always hoped for a break. One night Tyler Myroon, better known as producer Abstrakt Sonance, sold him a demo for two bucks and talked music outside the 7/11 in Salmon Arm.

Abstrakt told Golden to stop by his house and talk business when he could. At the start of both their music careers they decided to team up on a EP known now as The Revitalization of a Lost Relic. Being a part of West Aves early days Golden started performing at shows when he was 16, and now performs at numerous locations around B.C. Currently Golden is working with a producer Keitz Beatz as a duo called Day Shaw Voo. Signed under West Ave Productions, their first album entitled Buck Skin Pony, is sure to land them a place on the map with its unique qualities and style.

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