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September 1st 1989 Keith Cavanagh was born in Camrose, Alberta. His mother and father Monica Haydak and James Cavanagh brothers Sean and Kylan and sister, Eileen.

Growing up in Camrose, a small city just south of Edmonton, Keith began his career as a hip-hop producer at the age of 18, while working late nights in a liquor
store creating “beats” in the office. It was at this point in his life music became his passion and Keith began to produce his own hip-hop music using DAS(digital audio software)
such as FL Studio.

In 2008 Keith began producing music and working with various artist in Camrose, Alberta. Soon after he put together his debut a cd entitled ‘Rose By The Mic’. Facing hard times
in a small town he continued working through adversity and decided to put the past behind him and pursue his career in music. In the spring of 2010 Keith moved to Kelowna,
British Columbia and enrolled in the 2010/2011 Audio Engineering and Music Production course at the Okanagan College. Throughout the school year he met and became friends with Quinn Mcgraw (Ballista) who introduced him to Kyle Siriani (Adept) and soon formed a group called the Front line Stylists. They put together a debut EP called ‘The Golden Years’. In early 2012 Keith formed another group, Day Shaw Voo, with the rapper, Golden Child. He is currently working on new hip-hop tracks for both groups.

Classified, a hip-hop producer/rapper from Nova Scotia, gave Keith, aka “Keitz Beatz”, inspiration to pursue as a music producer/engineer.
He was blown away when he heard “the Maritimes” on MTV. He likes to keep his mind open about other music, because he feels hip-hop can use
influence from all the other genres, but also likes to create music that almost everyone can enjoy as well as putting his own a stamp on the music industry in the field of production.

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