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Malcolm Otter aka Memo, was raised in Vernon, BC and brought up with the sounds of the west. With early influences including Dr. Dre and Eminem, Memo has since found guidance through other artists such as Atmsophere and Tech N9ne. The combined style and sound of east and west has left an imprint on Okanagan rapper Memo and has excelled this artists individuality and commitment to hip hop in the fullest. Memo began writing in early 2008 and with the guidance of music producer Eric Lowry, was introduced to the trials that are recording and production. In 2009, Memo formed a group with fellow emcee, (and friend) B.Biz, named Sons of Gunz. Since, Memo has earned his stripes and has been working closely with Stage, Furthermore, and is set to release a collaborative album, (date not set) with Immaculate. With shows lined up for the summer, Memo is looking at making a lasting impression.


In 2010, B.Biz moved to Vancouver to seriously attack a chance at a life of music. Excelling as in intern for an artistic management company, and with the help of fellow OK-grown local Memo, Biz pushed life aside and made music personal, striving to make every new next step sound and feel better than the rest. Self-recording, mixing, and releasing 3 mixtapes in one year, B continues to keep biz, always steady ready dying for a life of hype. Dres Grimmes and B.Biz paired up to design a live set balancing the classic feel of freestyle rapping and vocalism with the aggressive symphonic presence of new electronic production. The two work together, placing an emphasis on the interactive opportunity that DJ’s and emcees face in a world paved by vicious experimental producers of colossal calibre.


The Sons of Gunz are connessuirs of the underground, with a focus more on quality music and showmanship, rather than abrasive and gimmicky novelty acts. Their passion and dedication to the art form translates into an ever-progressing sound: with a global array of influences.

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